Fresh & Healthy Meal Delivery from Vertigo Catering and BBQ Gourmet 


In the wake of COVID 19, a lot of us are feeling like our world has been turned upside down. As parents, we understand the stresses of changing work conditions and making sure our families are looked after. A lot of time and work goes into preparing a healthy meal which can be challenging for families, hardworking healthcare professionals, or elderly friends and family who are struggling to beat the supermarket rush. Vertigo Catering and BBQ Gourmet are working together to offer a fresh meal delivery service to take some of the stress out of your day and make sure you and your loved ones are eating well and staying healthy. 


We'll prepare your meal daily in our commercial kitchen under strict health and safety guidelines, then we'll deliver directly to your door. We want to keep our community thriving so we're working with local suppliers like Gourmeats, Raupare Gardens, Star Foods, Takitimu Seafoods and Te Mata Mushrooms.  


How does it work?

You choose which days and how many portions of each size you would like delivered. Then order online or give us a call, we'll take your order, process your payment and take down your address for delivery. Each day, we'll prepare your meal in our commercial kitchen under strict health and safety guidelines, then we'll deliver directly to your door. Then all you have to do is eat! 


When will my dinner get here?

We will place your order in a paper bag at your front door between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm. The meals are packed in environmentally friendly cardboard boxes.


Is there a minimum spend or number?

No, there is no minimum spend or number of meals you need to order. 


How do I order? 

Click on the order link below. Orders for the following week can be placed during the week until Friday before 12:00.


Tell me about sizes?

Small is good for our younger or older family members. Large is a healthy adult portion. 


What's on the menu?

Below you will find an overview of the meals that we will be offering in the coming week. You can also find this weeks menu on our Facebook page. Every Monday we will publish and email the menu for the following week. 


Can I change my order after making it? 

Unfortunately, you can no longer cancel your order after paying it. However, all of our meals can be refrigerated and enjoyed for up to 3 days. 


Please note, due to our ever-changing environment, certain ingredients may not always available. In such a case we will provide a tasty alternative. 





Small $12, Large $16


Monday 30th March

Roast Beef Dinner, served with roast vegetables & potatoes, yorkshire pudding & gravy


Tuesday 31st March

Nasi Goreng. Indonesian fried rice with chicken, pork, shrimp & vegetables 


Wednesday 1st April

Beef Lasagne, served with mixed salad


Thursday 2nd April

Lamb Korma, served with basmati rice, green beans and roti


Friday 3rd April

Baked Fish fillets served on seasonal vegetables & potatoes with a lemon pepper sauce



Lasagne & Lamb Korma available as a frozen vac-pack meal to be reheated



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